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it’s one of those days where you tried not to feel any real feelings but then the lady at 7-11 tells you you look tired and says, “I’ll be here til 2, coffee’s on me today.” 

Every time I walk outside it’s like a cloud of pollen darts hit my eyes. This morning I thought I might have really screwed up my vision. (Luckily, it was just a smudge on my glasses.)

I’ve been letting my fingernails grow out and it’s gross, I’m over it.

My roots are too grown out, and I spent too much money this weekend because I am only pretending to be a responsible adult.

I thought about it again last night and I would without a doubt cry in the presence of Beyonce. 

Also who is more famous than Beyonce?


Today was harder than other days. Timehop emails me a couple pictures even though I don’t even have the app and it’s unnecessary to be jealous of me a year ago.

I teared up thinking about the comments about Emma Watson’s speech under Huffpost’s Facebook page (surprisingly not awful!) but I also teared up when these dudes smoking cigs in suits told a woman walking out of the building she was “beautiful…no really, your dress matches your lunchbox!” and the dudes laughed. and the woman didn’t turn her head but responded with a classy “fuck-you” in the form of a thumbs up.

Everything should be fine, right?

I’ve been thinking a lot about garbage lately (mostly because I seem to encounter a garbage truck every day of the week) and carrots (which is why I scoffed at the idea of buying miniature packaged servings of carrots…so really just garbage) but it’s Amy Poehler’s birthday so I’m gonna take this as a sign from the universe to watch the “Girls in Garbage” ep. of Parks and Rec. and bake some more chicken nuggets in my toaster oven.

I had a young person — and he’s definitely the example of many young people that I represent who said "I didn’t think I would make it to twenty-one years old so I’m ready to die now. Let’s do it now.

Mmm, got real drunk at my friends’ housewarming party (I’m pretty sure the vodka infused watermelon destroyed me) and the two things I remember most were, “that thing you told me about raccoons was the funniest thing I ever heard” and my response to a guy playing pong with a peacock feather behind his ear.

"That is a SMALL ‘cock feather."

Today a lady at work saw on my keychain a Hamsa I found, and she got so excited and told me all about it and said it was good luck! Later she got me a better chair in the office and gave me a good tip on where not to pick my cubicle once I’m done training (because of the draft on one side) and just, what a nice lady. Made my whole day!

Found a gorgeous good luck charm on my way home yesterday! #hamsahand

I woke up at 8:30 am yesterday without even trying. I am slowly becoming a morning person. I had to call out of work my first week of my new #biggirl job and brought a heating pad the next day in case it was absolutely necessary. I didn’t end up using it but on my way out of the office, I saw an empty chair with a heating pad resting at someone’s desk and felt less ashamed about my body working against me some days.

The bus is the bane of my existence. Everything from the drunk men at the bus stop to the hour long wait to the way my stomach turns itself inside out from all the stopping and going (try motion sickness when your morning commute is stuck behind a garbage truck.) I’ve found a much better solution that requires more walking on my end, that gives me energy and the chance to stop somewhere if caffeine is actually necessary. (I really wish I was a coffee person, but it turns out I just need to sleep like a normal human should … ) Monday afternoon hit me hard but 7-11 has small coffees for 54 cents this week, and it’s pumpkin spice season so who knows? Maybe I’ll change a little more.

I bought a weekly transit pass and carrots. I think this is a huge step in my journey toward healthy adulthood. I impressed the woman who is helping train me at the office and I felt like I had a clue for the first time since I started. I met with the three department directors this morning and we went over why I was hired, what about me seemed a good fit for the company. They gave me straight-forward, helpful advice. I have good feelings all around.

The past couple weeks have been stressful, despite my being a thousand miles away from the issues bothering me and my inability to fix any of it. Tonight I drew a bath and soaked and scrubbed and sat and thought. At the very least, I am aware of myself lately, and not in a self-conscious way. I am trying to open my eyes more, to see things clearer. I’m hoping the carrots help.

I feel like the beginning of a TV infomercial.

I graduated baking school obvz because I made my first cake in a mug! (It’s actually very tasty.)

i am laughing even harder at the fact that I keep googling new symptoms i’ve been experiencing since last night and all of them point to my being pregnant which is impossible

(confession: when i was not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman i had an irrational fear of having to deal with immaculate conception)

I just got a Facebook invite for a Class of 2014 Half-Year Reunion. The details are vague, It’s apparently the “FIRST EVER” and taking place on Homecoming weekend. 

It’s not even a REAL half year. I know because I’m due to start paying back my loans a month later in NOVEMBER.




if i was bisexual i would use this line all the time

I am bisexual and plan to use this line often in the future


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Girls don’t want boys.

Girls want a release date for The Winds of Winter.  

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