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Yeah… the first shoe I have to research for my new job might actually be my soul mate. So if anyone wants to buy me these Nike Lebron Easter kicks that drop on Friday, get at me.

  • Mom: I forgot to ask if you watched game of thrones Sunday
  • Me: Yup! ;)
  • Mom: Do you know who did it
  • Me: Mmmhm
  • Me: I won't tell you though
  • Me: Unless you want me to :P (you'll probably find out in the next episode or so)
  • Mom: Do not tell me.

I bought cigarettes from a man who let me use my card even though I didn’t have the minimum b/c I handed him my Florida license and he was from Vero Beach. My first day on the job I participated in conversations about religion and serial killers, casually. While I waited for my second 40 min. bus ride home, a little kid tried selling me baby turtles.

  • Her: I could totally see you with someone like that. Is that weird of me to say?
  • Me: Nah.

NBD guys, just operating the camera for Jon Stewart #MadCasual

@wheatthins #PoppedWheatThins #SelfieContest

Going to New York to see The Daily Show!

Laying out my coolest earrings to wear to #NYC tomorrow~

I have become one of THOSE roommates.

My mom got her bday present from me early and called me on her new “retro” phone that plugs into her cell. Got a B- on my Broad City paper even though it’s an A+ review. Threw away 90% of the crap on my desk in the spirit of spring cleaning. The house should be sparkly clean by the end of the day!

  • On Wednesday, my friend and I are going to be in NYC to sit in the live studio audience of The Daily Show! Also gonna try and meet Brent while I’m there!
  • Next weekend is my last Insomnia Theater show as an undergraduate, but a bunch of us will be going to Six Flags next month so that softens the blow ;)
  • April 14th marks the first day of my new paid internship as part of the social media/content team for KicksUSA (stay tuned for cool additions to my shoe collection!)
  • Just purchased Bossypants & Feast For Crows on audiobook so I don’t get tempted to read on the bus rides to work. 
  • I graduate in just FORTY DAYS. That’s insane!
  • May 15-25th I will be staying near L.A. visiting a whole side of the family I’ve never met before.
  • I’m just so, so thrilled / grateful for all the wonder that awaits!

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