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"I just want to fall in love the normal way," I thought to myself walking home. Followed by, "That’s a dumb thought." Because what does that even mean? Then it came to me: I pretty much am in love with everyone in my life. 

I think it all has to do with the fact that Logan will only snuggle with me when he wants more Meow Mix.

Tuttleman tiger bros

This just in! Idk how to emotichat :*?

I may not believe in Easter, but I do believe in Ilana Glazer.


I want to hear the word “bisexual” come out of their mouth, not any “I just like people” or “everyone does it in college” bull. I want their bisexuality to be part of them, not some throw away line.

I want to see bisexual character that aren’t just some sexed up joke.

I want to see bisexual characters in same gender and mixed gender relationships.

I want to see bisexual people dating people of all genders, not just cis people (I also want to see more trans and genderqueer characters).

I want to see bisexual characters face biphobic crap head on, not just disappear when it comes up.

I want to see bisexual characters who remain bisexual, and some that change their labels because sexuality is fluid and that’s okay.

I want to see bisexual characters who are not conventionally attractive, cisgender, able bodied white women (and I want to see some that are).

I want bisexual characters who are faithful in relationships.

I want bisexual characters that cheat because that is in their character, and has nothing to do with their sexuality.

I want bisexual main characters, not just disposable sidekicks.

I want diverse, three dimensional bisexual characters who have character development.

Is that too much to ask?

I’m developing a bisexual character for a TV script now! ;)

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Happy holidaze!
pot dealers everywhere

why do we try to generalize our life experience onto other larger, more diverse than you could ever imagine subsets of people and then envy the success of our peers while participating in this dumb ritual of competition that seems to forever trap our conscious minds on a repetitive loop of measurement against standards we’ve idealized prematurely?

After my audition a guy I did a scene with was like, “I know this is weird, but I feel like I’ve seen you before” and I said it could be okcupid (which apparently is a thing now) and I can’t even be embarrassed because I guess I have no shame anymore.

And on that note, how do meteorologists still have jobs?!?! Isn’t it impossible to do that job correctly? Are we really unable to predict weather patterns with all the computers we have today? A guy at work was telling me there’s some conspiracy about the gov’t using chemtrails to control the weather and even though that’s nonsense, this is a 24/7 news cycle society we’re living in. Are you telling me I have to commit a random half hour during the night to find out if I can wear sandals to Easter service (or whatever) tomorrow? I shouldn’t have to wait for anything with google at my fingertips.

I think I have a problem with journalism that chooses to talk about stories that people (who are not directly involved) can’t really do anything about (other than cause trouble by doing things like posting their lame opinions on facebook and enraging a gun-owning white dude suffering “temporary insanity.”) I wish the local news was just a bunch of reports on opportunities to help people who are in need. Just give me a half hour of volunteer opportunities and investigative news re: the people in power.

Conglomerates are such a bummer, dude.

Logan takes a nap between writing scenes 1 and 2 of his new pilot. #ComedyPlayground (at Philadelphia PA)



Black Jawn graduated from j&h to Applebees

Mad serious.

Yeah… the first shoe I have to research for my new job might actually be my soul mate. So if anyone wants to buy me these Nike Lebron Easter kicks that drop on Friday, get at me.